Monday, May 24, 2010

Name Choice

I've written plenty of blogs for school and I decided it was time I started one that I started just because I wanted to (not that I didn't enjoy writing the other ones). Deciding on a name was a difficult process. My main interests are feminist and cultural discussions, mostly relating to sex and sexual rights. Not wanting to limit myself to that particular discussion, however, I was forced to come up with a name that reflected my interests and one that was not already taken by someone who wrote one initial post back in 2005 and then abandoned it. Anyone who knows me knows my interest (obsession) with everything Oscar Wilde. I went through my list of favourite Oscar Wilde quotes (it's currently 14 pages single-spaced and nowhere close to finished) and found this one:

“The moment was lost in vulgar details.”

The quote is from chapter six of The Picture of Dorian Gray. Obviously the word "vulgar" carries with it obvious negative connotations I thought it was something I could use and I looked up the specific definition of it. On my Mac dictionary it says the following:

vulgar |ˈvəlgər|
lacking sophistication or good taste; unrefined : the vulgar trappings of wealth.
• making explicit and offensive reference to sex or bodily functions; coarse and rude : a vulgar joke.
• dated characteristic of or belonging to the masses.

As an arts student I am well versed in the practice of reading waaaaaay too much into ideas/words/sentences/etc but I think this works for many reasons. While I have not picked a specific topic to comment on continuously, as previously mentioned, one of my main interests is discussions about sex and sexuality. Furthermore, if I am looking at popular culture that is something "belonging to the masses," so I think it fits.